Get Out The Vote

from by Heit & Cheri

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[Verse: Heit]
Come on people take a ride, see drug deals and homicide
Going outside is suicide, on some vote we can rely
So disenfranchised, or unemployment still rise
Lost a car and lost a job, plus the rent is sky high
Most don't even own a home, some still owe on student loans
Jobs say "felons, peace, be gone," bill collectors on the phone
Poverty ain't mentioned, we poor as shit you politic
We ain't in the middle class, fuck Obama, fuck a Mitt
Put them first and put us last, kissing campaign donors' ass
Always saying Main Street, but MLK is where we at
50 years and little change, politics a rich man game
Ain't got money, you ain't playin
They say just vote, or don't complain
Elections are just for show, ignore those who don't have dough
Campaign stopping at Starbucks, but won't go to the corner sto
Where we shoppin' at the bottom, cheerin' on your career options
We know we'll never have options, all our votes and always problems

[Hook: Cheri]
We don't know which way is best to go
But one thing is fo' sure, it won't be settled by a vote
Stop asking for your say, and take what's yours
Don'cha know the ballot ain't the source
It can't be the only recourse

[Verse: Heit]
When we say how broke we are, they say diplomas take you far
No money to fund the schools, but always some to stay at war
Enough for movies full of stars, network news is selling fear
Need some places to play ball, a new stadium every year
Plus we gotta go to Mars, we might see some water there
A billion don't have some to drink, water's right here everywhere
Millions die with hunger pains, food in multi-acre squares
Streams and ponds get filled with rain, but somebody say it's theirs
They say to live you must compete, "you don't work then you don't eat"
You think all we do is sleep, some work all day and still don't eat
Be wealthy because your dad or mother, be po' 'cause your dad or mother
Everybody cast yo ballots fa folks who defend that structure
They say that the strong survive, we are weak that's why we rot
Economy's dependent on having haves and have-nots,
Have-nots can't make a living, "it's survival of the fittest"
'Cause yo parents own a business we should think that you're the fittest?


[Verse: Cheri]
You wanna believe, the solution to our problem is
To trust the system to fix the disparages,
The disparages, the disparages
You wanna believe they'll keep most of their promises
Trust the system to make amends,
Make amends, make amends
They make you believe, that it's all just fairplay
Just trust the system, just trust the system,
And you'll be equal come someday
But just wait and see, you're giving all your power away
By trusting the system, damn you should listen
You're gonna stay in the same state!



from Improper Conduct, released October 11, 2012
Produced by Heit The Great.



all rights reserved


Heit & Cheri Dallas, Texas

Heit is a producer/rapper/songwriter, with close to two decades of experience creating music. Cheri is a singer/songwriter who has always enjoyed experiencing music in one form or another all of her life. Together, Heit & Cheri found their musical collaboration a natural extension of providing social and political commentary via their website and podcast. ... more

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