Get Up

by Heit & Cheri

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(Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh)
(You got it all inside of you)
(You'll be amazed by what you can do)

You got it all inside of you
You'll be amazed by the things you can do

[Verse: Heit]
Despite the gloom and the stress, we know that we ain't less
Make something from this mess long as the heart beat in the chest
We count all the blessings from dead people who taught us lessons
Use the noggin, no more guessing, we research to answer questions
Investments, and interest in the future
The brain's a terrific tool to use, the most powerful computer
Connect with one another, so we function like medullas
Tutors to the children from Chicago to Fallujah
History won't lose ya, knowledge won't confuse ya
Universe won't excuse ya, but also won't refuse ya
Claim it like the roosters, get dressed and tie ya shoes up
Lift spirits up and turn the world around like Punky Brewster
When you start to lose faith, remind yourself that you are great,
With the weight of the freight on your shoulders, just skate
Just skate uphill, cause greatness is a climb
Every time you fall down, say one mo time

[Hook: Cheri]
I feel like I lived a thousand years,
I feel like I cried ten thousand tears,
But every time I feel like giving up,
I think about the ones who don't have enough,
I know sometimes life can be rough,
That's why you gotta tell yourself to get on up,
Get up! (x7)

[Verse: Cheri]
All you're dealing with, is not the same old laundry list,
You might be shy, no confidence, or finding everything is tense
But it let's them gain at your expense
It's time to reach beyond the noise, you gotta get up and find your voice
Seeking knowledge is a choice, you'll need to travel uncharted course
But when you arrive the rewards all yours


[Verse: Heit]
My life ain't a waste, I'm more than what they portray
I'm a human who deserves life no matter where I stay
Drive and determination, no matter what they say
I'm valuable, priceless, no matter what they pay
My pride and dignity, is something they can't slay
Infinite bright light, not a one way ray
You a fool if you think I'ma sit back and lose
I live by the guidelines of breaking unfounded rules
With the truth on my side, reality won't die
Deceptions and lies, I feed cyanide
Each time I cried, strength was added to my stride
All the times it's been rough, friction turned it to a slide, now I glide
The sky ain't the limit, 'cause I fly
To the depths of outer space, left material world behind
True forms, wavelengths, oscillating signs
Body, brain, mind, whoop all combined



released October 6, 2012



all rights reserved


Heit & Cheri Dallas, Texas

Heit is a producer/rapper/songwriter, with close to two decades of experience creating music. Cheri is a singer/songwriter who has always enjoyed experiencing music in one form or another all of her life. Together, Heit & Cheri found their musical collaboration a natural extension of providing social and political commentary via their website and podcast. ... more

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