Not Human

from by Heit & Cheri



(Ohhhhhhhhh ohhhhhh)

[Hook: Cheri]
We're not, human in your eyes
You find joy in our demise
Batons fly, some die, we fight to survive
All the while, still deprived
You call us names just to sell the lie

[Verse: Heit]
Watch out for Porky, he'll slaughter you in public
And, I don't care if Miss Piggy is a puppet
The puppetmasters, done got 'em all corrupted
Unarmed, ain't doing nothing, they beat you 'cause they love it
But that's if you're lucky, With some, they just start busting
You can't because he's dead, But just ask Trent Buckins
The mentally ill they will kill 'Cause outlaws be in law
Hold up, I just wanna give a big "Fuck you!" to a bitch named Sara Bradshaw
Their favorite word is "justified" Lawyers, police, judges lied
That's exactly a Government-sanctioned homicide
The media's complicit, In covering up the trash
"Arrested for weed two years ago, So the police beat his ass"
Just because they heard it Some people say he deserve it
Well you got a couple tickets They should beat you for that purpose
Legislation's moot, that's what authority does
Capitalist vampires searching for some blood


[Verse: Heit]
Don't matter if you students protesting tuition rates
If you challenge the status quo You gone meet your fate
And that's a nightstick. And you might, get hit with a taser
Or get sprayed in the face, an involuntary pepper taster
That's the way that they raise the pigs
In the pigsty academy They telling you to praise 'em
But they beneath you They're devils in disguise
With a badge, who deserve a red dot between the eyes
No lies (recognize) They trying to drop us all like flies
And if you like my kind, Black or brown, We're ones who they despise
Increasing brutality and incarceration
To reap the benefits and pay for their childrens' education
But don't forget the investors
Who profit the most Every time they lock us in concrete Hell, preferably forever
They think they clever But it ain't what'cha figure
Tell 'em, "Point 'em out, whose at fault?"
They say, "Nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger!"

[Hook x2]


from Improper Conduct, released October 11, 2012
Produced by Ay B.



all rights reserved


Heit & Cheri Dallas, Texas

Heit is a producer/rapper/songwriter, with close to two decades of experience creating music. Cheri is a singer/songwriter who has always enjoyed experiencing music in one form or another all of her life. Together, Heit & Cheri found their musical collaboration a natural extension of providing social and political commentary via their website and podcast. ... more

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